Our Executive Committee

The OQSL is made possible due to the dedication of the executive members, captains, and members who all play a crucial role in the league.

  • Executive Members are elected or appointed to serve on the Executive Committee.
  • Captains are individuals who are appointed by the Executive Committee who manage a team of players within the league.
  • Members encompass individuals, Captains, and any other member in good standing within the league.

Full description of duties are listed under can be found here.

The Commissioner is the Chairperson of the Executive Committee and governs the operations and regulatory decisions of the league.

Currently held by: Chantelle Northwood

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the League and is responsible for the solvency of the League by the ethical management of the operation budget.

Currently held by: Dallas Tran

The Secretary supports the Commissioner by the controllership of all official league documents, while ensuring the transparency and accountability of all proposals, issues and decisions taken in all committees.

Currently held by: Paul Shepherd

The Director of Operations supports the Commissioner by managing all issues pertaining to the logistics surrounding the playing of the games.

Currently held by: Sean Addis

The Events and Promotions Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the public image of the league, and promoting the league and events the league endorses.

Currently held by: Bradley Turcotte