2021 Initial Interest Survey

Planning for the 2021 season is challenging given the uncertainty of what the Ottawa COVID-19 future holds in terms of Public Health limitations, restrictions and guidelines.  As the Executive continues to plan we felt it was important to get an idea of the level of interest by OQSL members in returning to play softball in a healthy, safe and responsible way. 

If we are able to play in 2021 we know it will be very different season than previous years.  Assuming that the league can play we are reviewing possible changes on and off the field.  

For example on the field we may need to :

  • – require wearing of masks; 
  • – eliminate tagging of runners;
  • – ensure the team at bat does not touch the ball
  • – limit sharing of equipment or require all equipment to be cleaned before sharing  

Off the field we may need to:

  • implement strict sign-in procedures and encourage use of the COVID-Alert App to facilitate contact tracing
  • discourage attendance by fans 
  • require physical distancing on the benches
  • If we have higher number of members implement strict “bubbles” so that there are fewer interactions between all teams

If we cannot play a regular season your Executive is also considering more informal and flexible ways to get together in a safe manner. 

A big part of the OQSL has been our social interactions after games.  At this time it looks unlikely that we will be able to return to The Oak in significant numbers so any social interactions after the game might need to be outdoors and subject to Public Health requirements. 

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