The 2019 OQSL Playoffs will be held in mid September. The Playoff seeding will be determined by the regular season rankings and will be announced in early September following the end of the regular season. The format will be double elimination and our regular league rules will be in effect.

Playoff Rules

After the 2019 OQSL Regular Season is completed teams will be ranked from 1st to 9th place using total points achieved. If a tie breaker is required the following criteria will be used in sequence until the tie is broken:

1) Head to head

2) Run differential

3) Best runs scored over the course of the season

4) Coin toss

Once the ranking is final teams will be slotted into the 2019 OQSL Playoff schedule according to their rank. The playoff format is double elimination: a team will play until they lose twice.

The Home team will always be the highest ranked team based on the 2019 OQSL Regular Season final rankings.